Starter replacement in 2004 Toyota Corolla

Replacing the starter in the 2004 Toyota Corolla is not all that difficult if you know the tricks. Everyone who has posted how-to information online about replacing the starter on this model and year, have reported that accessing the upper mounting bolt (one of two mounting bolts) is the hardest part of this project. Indeed it is. Nearly every source and article I read clearly said that to access that bolt, you would need to remove other components in the engine bay, such as the battery, air intake, exhaust manifold or the fan and housing. I managed to do this job without any of that! I simply used a 6" extension on a socket wrench and a mirror to see where I was going, and it worked just beautifully!! I didn't even raise the car up for any of this job. I am just small enough to fit underneath the car as is.The other challenge is maneuvering the old starter out, and the new starter in, between the hoses and lines underneath since it is so tight a fit! Also positioning the new starter just perfectly flush with the mounting took a bit of practice. And just to be clear, I removed and installed the starter from underneath the car, so holding up that heavy starter with one hand can quickly tire your arm.The whole procedure went well and everything worked just as it should when I started her up for the first time and every time after that. It's been a couple months since I filmed this video and the starter still works great! That grinding sound at start-up has not been heard since I replaced the starter.DISCLAIMER: I will not be held liable for any mishaps, damages or injuries you may encounter while or after replacing your starter after following my guidance/advice in my video. You are doing so at your own risk! I am not a mechanic or expert. I'm simply documenting how I successfully replaced my own starter under my own circumstances. This video is not meant to substitute your manual or advice of your mechanic. At the very least, refer to your manual FIRST, to make sure you can do the job if you choose to follow my advice.

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