Schumacher 'ol Skool Battery Charger & Car Starter

Schumacher 'ol Skool Battery Charger & Car Starter.From experience I have found out that electronic battery chargers will not last as long as the old manual type of battery charger. A manual battery charger requires that you know a couple things about car batteries and also know how to use a simple voltmeter. But a manual charger will charge a completely dead battery, while an electronic charger might not. Also, if you are careful and know what you are doing, a manual battery charger will do a better job on restoring old batteries. I have an old manual cat battery charger for 40 years and it outlasted 6 of the electronic type of battery chargers. So I bought a Schumacher manual battery charger and 50 amp car starter. There is a reason this type of battery charger has been made since 1947. It reliable and it works. It just requires a little user know-how and input. That's all. :)dependable battery charger

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