Rocker cover gasket replacement - Peugeot 406 2.0 HDi 110

How to remove the rocker cover on a 2.0 HDi engine and replace the rocker cover gasket.The engine is the DW10ATED (110) or DW10TD (90) 2.0 HDi engine fitted to a 406, and a load of other PSA stuff.I noticed a bit of mucky oil mess round the back of the engine as i like to keep it clean.Thanks to a guide a fellow 406oc member captain jack made i was able to get the rocker cover gasket changed. Hopefully this will keep the top of the engine clean, i dont think it was a serious leak as i never noticed a change on the dipstick. There is a possibility that the air doser on these 110s can leak oil but i dont think mine is, and i cant see any oil line going to it, so any comments on what an air doser does or how it can leak oil are welcome.I used the spare engine i have from the spare parts 406 to show how to remove the upper timing belt cover, this would have been a very handy thing to have had when i was changing the timing belt. Hopefully you this view will help you find the bolts holding the cover in, there may be a bolt round the bulkhead side of the engine as i show in the video but on both the spare engine and engine in my car the bolt is missing.I reused the clip holding the crankshaft breather pipe to the rocker cover, the clips used are not the easiest to click back into place but with a good pair of pliers (i used wire cutters) and some patience it is possible to get it back on, if your having trouble getting it to go back on just throw it away and use a conventional jubilee clip.

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