Suzuki Grand Vitara - 6000km after eBay timing chain replacement

Current engine noise & condition, from cold startup to warm idle. The entiere timing kit was purchased from eBay seller CNSautoparts, for less than $150. Water pump failed after only 5500km of driving, and much of my timing gear is now going as well. Throughout the life of this kit, the engine has received 5w30 synthetic every 3000km, as I am fully aware of the issues surrounding H25 and its tensioners.Air filter, oil, all belts, and water pump are only 300km old. I do not know where the belt squeal comes from (in the video you can hear it for a brief moment during ignition)When cold, the engine exhibits rough idling.When warm, there is a loud tapping / ticking noiseThe whining / buzzing sound comes from the driver's side timing gear cluster at the front of the engine. The sound comes on above 2500 RPM.This is ridiculous.

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