Audi A4 B6 how to remove headlight explained (to change bulbs)

We made this instruction video to show you how the Audi A4 B6 (2001-2004) headlights are removed. To replace a bulb you will have to remove the headlight. It's not very hard to do. You just need a torx screw driver.The turn signal bulb (BAU15S), H7 bulb of the Valeo halogen low beam projector, the H7 bulb of the high beam reflector and the T10 position light are within reach when you've taken the headlight out.0:00 Put some tape on the bumper to prevent your headlight from scratching the paint.0:06 Remove the 2 upper screws0:12 Loosen the 2 rear screw (don't remove them, not necessary!)0:18 Pull back the headlight1:09 Pull the connector, and at the same time push the clip upward with a flat screw driver to release the connector.1:16 Now you can take out the headlight unit.Audi A4 B6 scheinwerfer demontage.

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