Mitsubishi & Suzuki Default immobilizer PIN codes By Model Name

link: Please note Default PIN code can be changed by using an diagnostic scanner. In this case you will need to calculate PIN code by dump.Supported Suzuki models: Grand VitaraVitaraWagonWagon RSplashSwiftSwift+SX4SX4 S-CrossVitaraXL7Supported Mitsubishi models:3000GTCarismaColt (many types)Colt 1000Colt 11-FColt 1100Colt 1100FColt 1200Colt 1500Colt 600Colt 800Colt BakkieColt GalantColt RodeoColt T120SSGalantDelicaDiamanteEclipseEndeavorGalantGalant FortisGalant FTOGalant GTOGalant LambdaGalant VR-4GrandisiMiEVL200L400LancerLancer (A70)Lancer CelesteLancer EvolutionLancer Evolution XLancer WRCMagnaMagnumMirageA70MiEV EvolutionMonteroMontero iOMontero SportNativaOutlanderOutlander SportPajeroPajero iOPajero JuniorPajero MiniPajero PininPajero SportPajero TR4PininRVRShogunShogun PininShogun SportSigmaSpace GearSpace RunnerSpace StarSpace WagonStarStarionTo calculate default immobilizer (PIN) code for Mitsubishi/Suzuki, enter first 4 chars of model name (exception for models with short names, such as SX4).Example:Suzuki Swift+, you need to enter: SWIFMitsubishi Carisma, you need to enter: CARIMitsubishi MiEV Evolution, you need to enter: MIEV

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