Opel (Vauxal) Vectra 2.2 starting problem. Injector seals change.

The Opel Vectra 2.2 diesel seems to have a rare problem. As it doesn't have any auxiliary fuel pump, when there is a leak in the fuel system, air will get inside and the battery will die before the injection pump (driven by the timing chain) will manage to bring back the fuel in the system. We installed an manual pump in order to get the car starting after an overnight stop, but we would like the car to run as it used to.First we changed the fuel return pipes, inspected the fuel filter container for leaks and now we are onto the seals of the injectors, though we didn't trace oil in the fuel filter as that is a clear sign of injector seals failure. I also traced a leak on the tap of the injection pump, which I solved by removing the 4 screws and added some silicone where I considered to be necessary.After doing all this, the fuel system seems to maintain the fuel itself better in the pipes but still is not like an out o the factory start.

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