Dropped valve seat Focus 2.0L Split Port SOHC

I bought a mint condition 2002 Ford Focus SE back in late March with a bad valve seat...very very typical problem for these 1.9L/2.0L SPI engines. They are junk don't ever buy one, they will drop a valve seat and destroy the engine around 100k-130k miles. This one surprisingly made it to 154k miles. I bought it to replace the motor and resell for profit but turned out local junkyards wanted $800 for a motor. My bad for not checking prices before buying it. We all make mistakes and this car was one of my biggest. Its been gone for months and the new owner cant get it back on the road for some reason. Anyone that needs advice about a dropped valve seat in their 2000-2004 Ford Focus with the 2.0L SPI (Split Port Injection) SOHC engine you may drop a comment stating your question or issue.The 2.0L SPI in the 2000-2004 Focus is one of the most defective engine designs ever made. My 2002 Focus here was in near mint condition and had 154k miles it was very well maintained. These motors can, and will, drop a valve seat and destroy the entire engine at no given time for no given reason even if you take the best care of them.These SPI's are garbage and they will blow up no matter how good you take care of them. It reminds you of the GM 2.4L Quad 4 that spins rod bearings around 100-120k miles. These SPI's will drop a valve seat as early at 80k miles. Junkyards consider used cylinder heads for these cars as "gold". I ran as far as 100 miles from my house to junkyards all over the creation to find a used cylinder head for this car. No luck. Many of the junkyards got pissed off when I asked them if they had one of these cylinder heads, they stated they get several calls a day of people asking for these. I went to you pull it junkyards, every wrecked focus spi they had at every place had the motor gone. i found a junkyard that had a few good motors and wanted to charge me $850 for a motor. Hell no. I could have went on Ebay and paid upwards of $400 for a new cylinder head but I didnt want to spend that much on this car because i didnt even like it i bought it to fix and resell. The whole project failed due the cylinder #2's piston being nearly destroyed and i wasnt sure if the rod was bent or not and there was something wrong with the cars brakes and it had a trans with unknown mileage put in. I ended up losing $300 on this car when i had to resell it. From what I know the guy i sold it to gave up on it as well and he was a mechanic that worked for a new car dealership and Im pretty sure he sent it to a junkyard.Avoid Focuses with this motor at all costs. HOWEVER, the Zetec engine in the 2000-2004 Focus is pretty much bulletproof I have alot of experiences with the Focus Zetec engines. They are known to run over 300k miles and theres one here on youtube with 340k miles (NOT the Zetec in Contour/Mystique and Escort ZX2...thats a completely different motor apart from the Focus Zetec. Only the Focus Zetec engines are strong long lasting motors) It is extremely rare to find a Focus SPI with even close to 200k let alone 300k. Anyone who needs any advice or tips on any 2000-2004 Focus, chances are i will be able to help, i know alot about the Split Port SOHC engine and even more about the Focus Zetec engine.

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