Volvo S60R TF-80SC transmission fluid level check Part 1

Check must be performed on level surface so I have the back of the car on ramps and the front on jack stands to make it level as if it were sitting on the floor.You can see when I get the T40 bolt out I only get a few drips. So I added what tranny fluid I had left over from my fluid change until I had flow. This transmission has a standing tube and excess fluid will overflow through this drain hole. Once the overflow stops, you must out the bolt back in because the level is now perfect.So I kinda screwed up and waited too long to make the check. I started checking at 55C temp and I hit 60C before the standing tube stopped overflowing so I had to put the bolt back in, wait for it to cool back down to 50C and check again; hence Parts 1 and 2. Basically had to start over. Volvo recommends performing this check between 50C and 60C. If you check past 60C, your fluid level will be too low because they designed the height of the standing tube to have a perfect level when the fluid is 50C. For Volvo, you will need VIDA/DICE to constantly monitor fluid temperature.

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