TDI Vacuum Hose Replacement

I bought silicone hose to replace the 10 year old braided cloth covered rubber vacuum hosed in my 3 VW TDI cars. These cars rely on vacuum to control key engine components. The older line tend to crack or get spongy over time. Even if your hoses look fine, they could be collapsing under vacuum. Tip#1: Replace each hose one at a time. Do not disassemble the whole system then try to rely on your memory or even diagrams to put it all back together again. Pull one line then cut the new hose to the same size then install new line.Tip#2: Do not use lubricants like WD40, Vasaline or Motor oil on the line to aid in installation. These are Air vacuum lines and the oil can ruin the systems or key components (like n75 or n18 expensive relays). You can however use cheap non-oil-based hair spray. Provided you allow at lest 12hrs for the hair spray to dry and use it sparingly.Tip#3: Be extremely careful around the ant-shutter valve. The actuator valve that has a 1/4" vacuum hose coming out of the top can break with only the lightest of pressure.Tip#4: Small plastic zip-ties are no substitute for metal clamps. Plastic Zip-Ties will and do break over time. When every possible use metal pressure clips to provide extra pressure at the connection. Silicone should last for the life of your vehicle.Take your time and enjoy your inexpensive upgrade.

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