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Replacing the Front Shock Absorbers - Opel Astra GManual showing step by step how to replace shock absorber in a car Opel Astra G Shock absorbers supplied by the best online store in Poland - - Recommended! . - full instruction step by step.The film long, but very accurate and detailed step-by-step! Polubcie and subskrybujcie my channel of guides and skomentujcie movie. The first time I changed the front fork and decided to create the best, most accurate step-by-step guide for anyone who wants to learn to replace the shock absorber. I am convinced that with this guide NOBODY will have no problem with the exchange, even complete novice handyman.Necessary tools and materials:1. Combination wrenches or 19, 2x 18, 9 (mega facilitation is to have / borrow 12V electric impact wrench or pneumatic capping), it is advisable to have these keys, especially 18 in the long version or with extension, we recommend having CR-V keys - chrome vanadium, are very strong, usually cheap may break!2. Key to tires, preferably telescopic, because nobody knows how hard you have tightened wheel!3. WD40 to facilitate unscrewing nuts4. Vehicle jack hydraulic or manual, at least 1, but you should have two to pick up the swingarm5. wedges, bricks or wooden blocks for locking the rear wheels 4 pieces6. Kobylka, blocks of wood or brick to be placed on their car at the time of installation7. New shock absorbers, pillows, bumpers, bearings.8. Pliers9. Strippers for springs, 2 pieces10. Wrench (recommended but not required), I still did not earn, but who knows soon.The steps of the procedure (in great detail), I recommend to see an instructional video on my YouTube channel "" that shows you everything step by step: .If anyone has any questions, ask beneath the video on the exchange front shock absorber on our YouTube channel called - there answer any questions. Link to an instructional video: . I hope that many of you will benefit and will be 100% prepared to replace the shock absorber. The exchange was made in a car OPEL ASTRA G, born in 1998, x16xel. Operating time about 4 hours.Used SACHS shock absorbers front.230574 SACHS SHOCK RIGHT OPEL ASTRA GSACHS 230,575 LEFT SHOCK OPEL ASTRA GDo not forget to subscribe to my channel on YouTube, many guides already and another on the way, you never know if the subscription is of no avail.Greetings

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