Ford Focus Nexus 7 Install

A video about my first car modification: fitting an Android tablet into my car dashboard. This is essentially my take on Android Auto and iOS in the car.Technical details, of all aspects demonstrated, are below.If you have any further questions, please leave a comment or message me on Google+0:12 - HardwareTablet is a Nexus 7 3G, 2012 edition.Used a rotary tool (aka Dremel) to cut and sand a spare fascia.Moved the hazard button and spray painted the new fascia black.0:30T1 Audio 100 watt, two channel amplifier purchased from eBay.Used ISO connectors to link the amp to the car.Used a ground loop isolator to filter out alternator whine.0:45Used Xposed Gesture Navigation for the global gestures.Used Apex Launcher for homescreen gestures.Tablet is running CyanogenMod 11.1:20Using Timur’s kernel which supports double tap and sweep to wake gestures.1:303G provided by T mobile, using the £20, 6 month web deal.2:20Notification sync provided by Pushbullet.Tasker is then used to read these notifications out loud.2:40Playstation controller connected through a PC usb adapter.Uses a USB On The Go (OTG) cable to connect to the tablet.2:50PS1 / PSX emulation uses FPse.The game is the original Spyro the Dragon. One of my favourites :)3:50Nintendo 64 emulation uses Mupen64The game is another one of my favourites, Mario Kart 64.Phase 2Given time, I am planning to add the following:Bluetooth voice calling through the tablet.The ability to reply to texts through voice recognition.Wiring up (to an Arduino):Steering wheel controls.ODB2 connector (engine data).Various sensors (light, rain, temperature).Alarm system (central locking etc).Zoned, electromagnetic reverse parking sensor.Developing a suitable tablet GUI to view and control sensor data.Any further ideas are much appreciated.Thanks for watching!Parts List:Rotary Tool: Amplifier: ISO Leads: Ground Isolator: PS1 Adapter: ---

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