How to Remove a Porsche Cayenne Battery

How To Remove The Battery From A Porsche CayenneThis is the quick and easy guide to remove a battery from Porsche CayenneYou will need a 10 mm spanner and a 10 mm metric socket and driver, 10mm 12 point (Spline Bit) and driver, T25 torx bit and 15 minutes of your time.Make sure you remove the rear plastic covers of the seat rails first to prevent them from breaking when you lift the seat.1. First thing to do is run the seat all the way foward and then remove the rear plastic covers of the seat rails.2. Lift the carpet under the rear of the seat and unclip the rear battery box lid clips.3. Run the seat all the way back4. Slide your fingers under the front carpeted trim piece and gently lift it forward. The part that curves up and back under the seat, hooks in three spots to the main seat bracket. You should be able to unclip the piece across the front between the bolt covers and then lift it up and back to un-hook the three hooks under the front of the seat.5. Remove the right and left bolt covers.6. Use the 10mm Spline bit and a socket wrench to remove the two seat bolts. (Porsche recommends these bolts be replaced each time.)7. Pivot the seat backwards8. Remove the two front clips holding the battery cover in place.9. Remove battery box cover10. Using a 10mm wrench for loosen the battery corner hold down11. Use a 10 mm spanner to loosen the battery clamps from the battery post.12. Remove the negative lead first and then remove the positive lead.13. Remove center battery hold down clamp14. Remove loosened corner battery hold down clamp15. Tuck leads beside the battery16. Lift battery and remove from the vehicle.17. Installation is the reverse. Use blue threadlock on the two seat bolts and torque to 45 Nm.

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