Interactive Fur Mirror PomPom

Artist Daniel Rozin Created a Mirror Made of Fur.Daniel Rozin’s latest work is the PomPom mirror. It’s essentially designed to leave you in a ball of confusion, standing in front of it while thinking, “What the fur?” The installation uses motion sensors and faux fur pom poms (so veggies and vegans can enjoy this guilt-free) to reflect the shape of the viewer in front of it. It’s part of a new exhibition at New York’s Bitforms.He took 928 fur pom poms, 464 motors, some electronics and done a little bit of programming and voila – a 120 x 120 cm fur mirror was created!P.S. Don’t worry – no pandas or other animals were harmed when making this mirror. These pom-poms are made of faux fur!Read More Here :

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