Chevy Aveo Plastic Thermostat Housing Leaks

Chevy Aveo Thermostat Housing Leaks. Got this car in that was running hot and leaking coolant. After inspecting the car I found a leak near the thermostat housing. I also noticed the housing was made of plastic and was one piece with the thermostat inside. Needing to change the thermostat I priced the one piece thermostat housing and it was over $80. After looking we found there is a aluminum replacement thermostat housing that is two piece and allows the thermostat to be changed. The best part is it is only half the price of the one piece plastic thermostat housing. I also noticed on the engine ,it had some pits where the o ring is supposed to seal. You also need to remove the washers on the factory bolts so they fit the new thermostat housing. Aveo thermostat car repair

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