AUDI TT 2007 - GTA San Andreas

AUDI TT 2007 - GTA San Andreas: . - How to install cars in GTA San Andreas: . san-andreas.htm -- Cars - Cars for GTA San Andreas: --In 2004 it launched the most successful game of the series and Rockstar Games "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas." A history of the game revolves around the young african-american CJ Johnson in 1992 in three major islands based oncities of Los Angeles, San Francisco and Las Vegas. In this version many new features, and customization of cars and the appearance of the character, as cuts in hair, tattoos, purchase and exchange of clothing and even exercises to keep the form (you are not fattening or is skinny). You can also swim, of parachute jump, ride a train, fly airplanes and even have several girlfriends. The dubbing, as in earlier versions, had the voice of famous actors such as Samuel L. Jackson, James Woods, Peter Fonda than rappers Ice T, Chuck D and The Game, the comedian Andy Dick and musicians George Clinton, Axl Rose and Shaun Ryder The GTA series is already controversial for its violence, but the new version would be even more controversy with the discovery a modification of the game without the hidden code: A mini-game involving pornographic CJ and their girlfriends. A change is Rockstar's original, so the company quit to do it. The developer who discovered that "failure" released a download to unlock this change, which ultimately generate great impact on media, attracting the attention of up to U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton, who suggested the research. With the possibility of having the game banned and reclassified, the Rockstar gathered the copies of the game market and relaunched without the mini-game. Nevertheless, GTA: San Andreas has become the most sold game in U.S. history, with more than 21 million copies sold.

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